Lease & Sale-Leaseback


Lease & Sale-Leaseback

Whether you’re the owner-operator of a veterinary hospital or currently a landlord leasing your vet hospital property, our veterinary real estate specialists at The Wine Group can help you negotiate a better deal to improve your lease agreement terms and meet your business goals.

Veterinary Hospital Lease and Sale-Leaseback Negotiations with The Wine Group

Lease Agreements

To make the most of your veterinary real estate investment, you need to negotiate the best possible terms on the lease agreement with your tenant. The Wine Group specializes in helping landlords obtain the most favorable lease terms, minimizing your expenses and responsibilities while maximizing the length of the lease agreement’s terms to get you in the best possible situation based on your needs and wants.
When you need to liquidate assets to reinvest in your business, grow your business, or pay investors, veterinary hospital owner-operators have the option of negotiating a sale-leaseback agreement. With this transaction, owner-operators sell their veterinary hospital real estate while continuing to operate from the same location by leasing the property from the new owner.

Why Choose The Wine Group to Negotiate a Lease or Sale-Leaseback?

Whether you want to improve your cash flow or free up your assets to grow your business, experts at The Wine Group can assist you with negotiating a sale-leaseback deal or help you obtain the most favorable terms on your current lease agreement.
One of our recent clients, a landlord with two-and-a-half years remaining on their lease with a corporate vet group and was responsible for the foundation, floors, parking lot, lighting, walls, and roof. We used our experience to negotiate a new lease agreement with the tenant to create a brand-new ten-year lease with their corporate tenant. Now, the owner pays the insurance but receives reimbursement from the tenant. Plus, we were able to transfer the majority of the landlord’s responsibilities to the tenant, creating “mailbox money” for our client.
If you’d like to increase your cash flow by improving the terms of your lease agreement on your vet hospital property or are interested in pursuing a sale-leaseback to free up your assets, then we welcome you to contact a veterinary hospital real estate specialist at The Wine Group today.