We understand that you may not be in the business of owning real estate and might not understand leases. You may need the utility of land and buildings in order to function. Our team specializes in sale-leaseback transactions from small operators to large public companies. We work to access the full potential of your business while still giving you the control you need.

Lease & Sale-Leaseback

We consult with owners to obtain more favorable landlord leases or a new lease. We can help extend or re-negotiate leases with large corporate entities such as VCA, NVA, Pet Vet Care Centers, etc. We have assisted many owners in getting longer term leases and landlord responsibility to better suit their real estate needs.

For example:

Landlord was responsible for roof and structure, transitioning the lease, to having Landlord not be responsible for roof or structure.

We helped re-negotiate a year and a half remaining on a lease with Landlord responsible for roof, structure and parking lot to a 10-year lease with Landlord being responsible for structure.

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