Investment Sale


Investment Sale

Getting the most out of selling your veterinary hospital requires the knowledge and experience of an industry expert. Our specialists at The Wine Group are experts in veterinary real estate. We understand our clients, the ins and outs of veterinary hospital properties, the veterinary business, and the nation-wide veterinary real estate market. When it comes time to sell your investment property, we’ll help you maximize your return.

Professional Analytical
Property Evaluation

The investment sale process begins with a professional property evaluation. We’ll analyze your veterinary real estate as a whole, considering the property and lease to determine what it’s worth in the open market.
The analysis includes an evaluation of the real property, the value of the real estate, and improvements made with a complete analysis of comparable property sales. In addition, we’ll consider tenant/ landlord responsibilities, years remaining on the lease, and we’ll evaluate the quality and credit-worthiness of the current tenant. We’ll also take a look at how well the veterinary hospital is currently performing and factor performance into the asking price.

Strategically Setting Value
to Maximize Your Return

When setting an asking price, our top priority is to generate interest within the market, attract multiple interested buyers, create a competitive bidding environment, and drive up the selling price to net you the greatest possible return. Attractively priced and marketed, your real estate will effectively sell itself with a little help from our expert veterinary real estate brokers at The Wine Group.

Why Choose The Wine Group for Your Next Investment Sale?

We’re the #1 vet hospital brokerage team in North America, and we sell more veterinary hospitals than any other company or broker in the country. We specialize in selling corporate leased veterinary hospitals. Focused entirely on the veterinary real estate market, we offer up-to-date and relevant advice, while working with each of our clients individually to help them maximize their return on investment.