Finance & Refinance


Finance & Refinance

Refinance your existing commercial veterinary property to increase your cash flow or consider new financing to expand your options when pursuing an acquisition. Whether you want to refinance or are looking to get the best rates with a commercial property loan, The Wine Group can help you through the financing process and put you in touch with a variety of lenders who are eager to do business in your service area.

Finance & Refinance with
The Wine Group

New Business Acquisitions

We’ll help you shop for a new loan on both your real estate investment and your private practice. With multiple banks and lenders competing for your business, you’ll have access to some of the best loan terms available.

Refinance Transactions

Improve your cash flow, expand your business, or negotiate better terms on your commercial loan with a refinance. We’ll help you get the most out of your refinance and ensure you obtain attractive new loan terms on your existing real estate investment and practice.

Access the Best Interest
Rates and Loan Terms

When our clients shop for a loan, we facilitate competition between multiple banks to help our clients access the lowest rates and best loan terms possible. The Wine Group works with several banks and loan brokers across the country to ensure the most competitive rates for our clients.

Connect with the Right
Bank or Broker

Lending rules, regulations, and underwriting policies vary from state to state. Depending on the location, certain banks may or may not finance these types of commercial loans. Wherever our client is located, we’ll put you in touch with the right loan brokers and/or banks. Based on your financial goals and the local lending rules and regulations in your state, we’ll connect you with the lenders who can meet your financial needs with attractive loan terms and interest rates.
If you’re seeking a new business acquisition (veterinary practice loan), purchasing a veterinary hospital (commercial real estate loan), or hoping to refinance with a different lender, we’ll introduce you to a loan broker who deals with several, different banks across the country. With The Wine Group, you’ll be able to select the best financial products from a vast pool of bank and loan options.