Buy-Side Representation


Buy-Side Representation

When considering a purchase as significant as a veterinary practice or vet hospital property, it’s essential that buyers have skilled representation. Our experts at The Wine Group focus exclusively on purchases and sales of veterinary real estate properties. Our industry experience and knowledge guide buyers through the process of shopping veterinary hospital real estate, negotiating favorable terms, and closing deals with ease.

Buy-Side Representation
with The Wine Group

We thoroughly evaluate the asking price of vet hospital properties to get the best deals for our clients. Our complete assessment of the asking price includes:

Comparable Property Assessment – We scour recent comparable sales of similar veterinary practices and properties to understand the current value of the real estate, the seller’s asking price, or to help you negotiate a lower price based on market value and demand.

Tangible Assets
– We appraise the veterinary hospital’s tangible assets including real estate, structure, fixtures, equipment, and improvements. Average Gross & Net Income – Our experts assess the current veterinary practice’s gross and net income over at least the past three years to determine whether the asking price is justified by the practice’s potential for generating profit. This protects the buyer from purchasing a veterinary hospital at a financial loss.

Practice Growth Consideration
– We evaluate the veterinary practice’s growth trends to ensure you’re making a sound business decision and to protect you from unknowingly purchasing a failing business.

Location Evaluation – A veterinary hospital’s market quality depends on the property’s location. The location will also affect the quality of hireable personnel based on the area’s desirability. With clients across the nation, The Wine Group can provide you with a clear understanding of the true value of your potential property’s location.

Why Select Buy-Side
Representation with
The Wine Group

We work closely with each of our clients to help them achieve their goals with regard to purchasing a veterinary hospital property. With several years of veterinary-based experience, our highly specialized brokers can help you avoid the pitfalls of entering the veterinary hospital real estate business while negotiating a winning deal on your behalf.